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Car Donation Charities and How They Work

Car donation charities are those that are able to accept donations of vehicles as a method of fundraising. The process is quite simple, and it can be a big help in supporting the mission of a variety of good organizations. Below you will learn all the basics you need to help out car donation charities.

Getting Started with Car Donation Charities

Instead of selling off your old car or having it towed to the wrecking yard, you call up your favorite charity and let them know you’d like to donate it to them. If they have a car donation program, then they will set up the details with you. They will turn around and sell the vehicle, usually at an auction, and then keep the proceeds.

What’s in It for Me?

In addition to feeling good about yourself for supporting a car donation charity, you may also be eligible to get a break on your taxes. After the car has been sold, the charity will give you a receipt for the total amount it brought, and you will be able to use all or some of this on your next income tax return.

Other Ways to Support Car Donation Charities

While car donation charities obviously accept donations of used cars, it’s quite possible that they accept other vehicles, as well. So, if you are looking to get rid of an old boat, RV, or even an airplane, it’s possible that those items can go to help out a nonprofit organization, too.

The Fine Print

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to properly donate your car to charity. For example, most states are going to require you to have the title to the vehicle being donated. In addition, the car donation charity can only make out the receipt to the name on that title. In some states you will also be required to fill out a Release of Liability Form or a Report of Sale Form.

A Few Tips for Helping Car Donation Charities

If you’re supporting car donation charities, then you may be interested in making sure they get the most money possible for your donation. In order to help ensure this, take their needs into consideration, as well as your own. Most charities will pay to have your car picked up, for example, but if you are able to drive it in, then you will save them the towing costs; and more of the money actually raised by your vehicle will go back into their budget.


  1. I worked in the car donation area when you donate the organization takes 95% of the proceed They must pay themselves first by state and federal laws they dont have to pay the charities anything remeber the auction need to pay themselves also so the donor and the charities are not important

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