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Cars 4 Causes Sued for Failing to Pay Charities

Fundraiser claims Cars 4 Causes “absorbed” 70% of the proceeds it received; passing on less than 17% to charities that were designated by the donors.

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  1. This is very true they refused to pay the charities they represent instead the hire vendors who take and pay themselves for one hundred dollars only 3.00 dollars goes to the chairities I have witness this first hand

  2. I donated a car to Cars 4 Causes and regret that I have done so they took a 2009 Prius with no mechanical problems and sold it at auction for 125.00 It was a inside job their car coordinator bought it from the inside and sold it for 12,000.00 and pocket the money for himself that organization are full of crooks I regret donating to them and is you donated to them you will regret it also

  3. I am involved with a no kill rescue in CA and we use to process all of our car donations, nationwide. They keep us informed when donations come in, they sell at market prices, and they provide us a breakdown of expenses. We receive 75% of the proceeds minus (reasonable!) towing charges, for doing nothing on our part. Cars 4 Causes should be ashamed of themselves!

  4. JulieAnn….bravo to you and your group for doing the necessary due diligence. Sadly, our group did not, and we were royally ripped off by C4C. Their outrageous scam is perpetrated on the public daily, and the money goes into the pockets of the President and Exec Director (, not the charities. There is no documentation provided on any transaction…only random amounts ($25!) given to well-meaning and LEGITIMATE charities. Wish we had seen your post before. Thank you for doing such important work.

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