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Double Check Those Charity Names

Is it DAV, the Disabled American Veterans, or DVA, the Disabled Veterans Associations? Choosing the right one could leave veterans with 75% of the value of the donation, or as little as 10%. Story¬† below…


  1. I donated a 2009 Toyota to Cars 4 Causes and it was taken from their car coordinator who represent the company and was sold by the coordinator who pocket the money for himself when the police got involved they said there is nothing they can do for me the vehicle was in excellent condition be careful car donation have people who committs crime and are allowed to get away with it, when I contacted the company they stated their cordinator has the right to do this.And this is my fault for donating a vehicle

  2. I see so many horror stories of donations going wrong! My husband and I had an almost fully restored Model T we were trying to sell, but were unable to get any offers remotely close to what he had into it (as typical with classic cars). We called around, and most charities wanted to fire sell it at auction and give us the highest bid amount as a deduction. No thank you. Finally, we found Online Car Donation and they offered us a full appraised value deduction. It took them about a week to pick it up, but for us, we would rather wait then get rushed into something we regret later. For anyone looking to make a donation, you can check them out here:

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