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Houston Charity Center

Looking to donate a vehicle in Houston?

Look no further than the Houston Charity Center, located at 4209 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena TX 77504.

They do everything possible to get the most value out of your donation, this allows them to help more people and gives you a larger tax deduction.

How do they do it?

The Houston Charity Center doesn’t ship your car off to be sold for less than its potential value. Every reasonably repairable car is restored to good running condition and detailed inside and out to increase its value. This work, performed by charity workers, increases the vehicles value, resulting in tax deductions up to 50% greater than similar programs.

What do they do with the proceeds?

The Houston Charity Center receives 100% of the net proceeds to fund new and existing programs providing household essentials directly to families in need. Your gift will touch the lives of low income families through tangible resources designated solely to their benefit. Houston Charity provides food, clothing, furniture and daily essentials (free of charge) to over 3000 families in need each year.

What about the tax deduction?

The driver will provide a donation receipt for your records.

You will also receive a 2nd IRS tax form 1098C stating the sale price of the vehicle. This is the amount you are eligible to deduct on your tax return. (All donated vehicles qualify for a $500 or larger tax deduction)

According to the tax law effective January 1, 2005, if the claimed value of the donated vehicle exceeds $500, the taxpayer is eligible to deduct the gross proceeds of the sale. Which is typically equal to or greater than the trade-in value of the vehicle.

And finally some frequently asked questions they get from donors

Does my car have to be running to donate it?
In most cases we can take your car, running or not. However, it must have an engine and be tow-able.

Do you only accept cars for donation?
Many types of motor vehicles are accepted including boats, motorcycles, trucks, and cars.

How long will it take to pick up my vehicle?
We can pickup your vehicle at your convenience.

We make donating your car as simple and convenient as possible. Just one phone call and five minutes of your time is all that is required to complete the process

Do I have to be with the vehicle at the time of pick-up?
No. Special arrangements can be made – just let us know what is best for you..

What paperwork do I need?
The only paperwork needed is a signed title or a photo copy of your license and a signed document allowing us to obtain a copy of your lost title

How does the new law effect my tax deduction?
Donors are no longer responsible for determining the deductible value of their donation. Instead, they will receive IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes. The amount listed on IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes will be the gross proceeds of the deductible donation.

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
Yes, our driver will issue a tow receipt and the first copy of your 1098 receipt at the time of pick-up. This is not your final tax receipt unless the sale of your vehicle does not exceed $500. This initial acknowledgement will indicate your name as well as the year, make and model of the car you are donating. After your vehicle is repaired and detailed it will be sent to our fund raising auction. Shortly afterward you will receive the second portion of your 1098 form stating the actual sale price of your vehicle. This receipt is mailed to your home usually within 2 weeks of your donation.

What can I claim as a deduction?
According to the tax law effective January 1, 2005, if the claimed value of the donated vehicle exceeds $500, the taxpayer is eligible to deduct the gross proceeds of the sale.

How is the value determined on the vehicle donated?
The value is determined by the gross proceeds raised from the sale of the donated vehicle. You no longer have the burden of determining the value yourself or the expense of having your vehicle appraised.

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  1. I believe they do. And I’m almost positive they will if it’s still running.

    Either way you should give them a call for more details (713) 947-7112.


  2. I donated a car to Cars 4 Causes and regret that I have done so they took a 2009 Prius with no mechanical problems and sold it at auction for 125.00 It was a inside job their car coordinator bought it from the inside and sold it for 12,000.00 and pocket the money for himself that organization are full of crooks I regret donating to them and is you donated to them you will regret it also

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