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Purple Heart Car Donation Program Review

Of all the car donation options currently available in the market and on the web, one of the most popular is the Purple Heart car donation program. This program is run by a government-chartered organization known as the Military Order of the Purple Heart, a group composed of war veterans and recipients of the honorable Purple Heart medal. The program’s intent is to honor these veterans by funding several types of benefits programs. But where does your donation really go?

Where Your Purple Heart Donation Goes

Although you don’t get to choose exactly where the funds for your Purple Heart car donation go, the organization helps several different nationally-recognized veteran programs. These include the National Service Officer Program, the National Appeals Office, the Court of Veterans Appeals, the National Outreach Program, various educational scholarship programs, and United Service Operations (USO), among others. For most of these programs, the needed funds go not only to veterans and vet hospitals/centers, but to the families and dependents, as well.

Benefits of the Purple Heart Program

As with car donations to most 501(c)(3) organizations, donated vehicles are eligible for tax deductions. The organization streamlines the process by issuing receipts that contain the necessary Vehicle Identification Number and vehicle value. Items accepted include cars, vans, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles, assuming you own the title free and clear.

Donations to the Purple Heart car donation program have the additional bonus of being sincerely needed. While most charitable organizations certainly need all the financial assistance they can get, U.S. war veterans continue to be among the most neglected part of the population, especially given their incredible personal contributions to the safety and happiness of millions of citizens.

Drawbacks to the Purple Heart Program

Although most of the Purple Heart car donation program is similar to other successful vehicle donation programs on both a national and local level, it may not be accessible from all areas. Outlying localities and some cities may not have pick-up services available to them. The organization also encourages its donors to drop off working cars, rather than utilizing their free tow service. This added inconvenience may restrict those who don’t live within towing distance or whose cars are not in working order.

It is advised that potential donors contact the organization directly to learn how to best take advantage of the Purple Heart car donation program.

One of the Best Car Donation Choices

Despite the possibility of difficult transport, making a donation to the Purple Heart car donation program is worth it. Donors have the peace of mind of knowing that their donation is appreciated and that they are not going to be taken advantage of by scam artists or unfair “middle men.” The money goes right where it has for the other 300,000 donors since the program’s onset: to brave war veterans and their families.

You can contact the Purple Heart car donation program toll free at 1-888-414-GIVE (4483). You can also fill out a fairly easy-to-use online form at their website,


  1. I donated my Chrysler 300 to this program on 23 February 2010. They were very quick to react and schedule a pickup once I had contacted them via an online form. They were at my home within two days to pick up my car. The pick up was fast and simple, the man that drove the tow truck used to load my car was also very friendly and efficient. However, they do not deliver on their part of the deal. A donation reciept is promised in writing to be delivered to you approx 3 weeks after your vehicle is picked up. It has been a month since my car was picked up and I have yet to hear anything back or recieve a donation reciept, which means I can’t file my taxes because I have no proof of donating. If you use this charity please beware of the slow turn around for recieveing your proof of donation. This charity sounds great in theory, but in reality they do not come through on their part of the deal with those of us that are trying to help them.

  2. I’m in the same boat as jaymee25. I donated by car in early February of this year. Winchester Auto Dealers was quick to pick up the car, and I was promised a receipt within 15 days from Purple Heart. I waited a month, and called Purple Heart – this time I was told that a donation receipt would be sent in 60-90 days. It’s now over 90 days and I’ve called twice. The person I spoke to during the first phone call was very nice, explained that she needed some time to find out where the hold up was and promised emphatically that she would call me back later that day. A week later with no return call, I called back and spoke to someone who was quite rude and explained that directors send out donation receipts and she had no idea when I would get it.

    Very disappointing experience, I wish I had chosen to donate to a different, more responsive and appreciative organization.

  3. I had an unusual donation circumstance and needed the tow service to pick up promptly. Ellen from Purple Heart went above and beyond to ensure that the contract tow service received my paperwork and processed the tow order. She made multiple conference calls and stayed with the issue until the tow service (who was also very helpful) had the order and acknowledged the pick up. It was simply great “customer” service.

  4. We donated our Toyota Tercel to Purple Heart and were quite impressed with the entire procedure. From the first contact with Purple Heart to the last at the towing co. everyone was so very helpful and kind. The gentleman who picked up our car couldn’t have been nicer – we got our tax receipt (which we really didn’t need) in good time as promised and would certainly donate again to Purple Heart.

  5. Purple heart I saw their donation in auction they are above high standard and they micro manage your donation this I saw at auction my advice they get the highest return at auction go ahead give to them

  6. Purple heart is a good donation area I have more problems with Cars 4 Causes who are rude I donated a 2009 Toyota Prius with no mechanical problems and thy sold it at auction for 125.00. I saw the vehicle it was bought from inside their organization they did not even try to send it to auction their car coordinator took it for himself and sold it for 12,000.00 and pocket the money for himself be careful of that organization

  7. I am very disappointed with this charitable organization. I called them last week and donated my car to them. It’s still sitting in my driveway one week later. I was told it would be up to 90 days before I received any donation receipt after they picked up the car. The entire process sounds fishy to me. I think I will sell the car and keep the money.

  8. Hello to “Certified Auto Technician”; can you please tell me how you followed your donated car through its resale process, and were able to trace it to the “Cars 4 Causes” program coordinator?
    As far as I know, this type of personal information is not made available to the public, which makes me wonder if your statements are really genuine. Please fill me in.

    Thank you,
    Mark Wallner

  9. My wife donated her “extra” car a year ago and we have not yet gotten a receipt for a tax donation. They have sold it and have not followed through on their end of the deal. If you are expecting a tax deduction it might be a good idea to file theft through your local police department and take the casaulty loss. We are very disappointed with their non-action after they take the car.

  10. As a veteran, I wanted to try and donate my car here. I had no problem with the pick up or receipt. However, two months later someone, in the donated car got into a crash. The car was still registered in my name! Now I’m dealing with two insurance companies, trying to clear my name off of that vehicle. The customer service reps for PHC were pretty useless on this. I have donated several cars to Goodwill Easter Seals without problem. And I will not use this service again.

  11. Since my vehicle donation was completed on May. 2017 I was promised to receive my tax deductible receipt. I never received any deductible tax receipt till now. I am going to call them to see what is wrong.

  12. FCC; Free Charity Cars is the BEST for car donations. I am a member waiting to get a car. I have not gotten one yet, but since I’ve been a member, I’ve seen at least 30 people get cars. It depends on if a donation occurs near you, and you also have to have the insurance and title, registration to pay for, but the car is free. No money is ever asked for, only votes and to promote… which is what I’m doling here! I wish someone in Las Vegas would donate a car, then I would be the one to get it, I am on top of the list!

  13. I donated a car before and now I am beginning to believe I might have been scammed. I count 8 different organizations that say your car goes to purple heart and other charities. When you ask specifically how much goes to the purple heart organization they say their supervisor will call back because they don’t know. I have another car to donate and am very confused about these purple heart charities

  14. I am in desPerate need of a realizable vehicle to commute to my employer. I’m not looking for anything beautiful as long as I can get to work. I am willing to purchase the vehicle if it’s not to much. I been out work over month due to a injury I sustained now with no income due to not having funds to purchase a reliable vehicle my job is at stake. Please if anyone can help thank you.

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